Underwriting for Multifamily Properties

All-new financial analysis program designed for active multifamily real estate professionals

Intermediate Program

6 Session program in-person and on Zoom


Intermediate Underwriting Program Details

The Lakewood Intermediate Underwriting Program is a practical course designed to enhance understanding and proficiency in commercial real estate financial analysis.

This course will equip you with the necessary tools to effectively create a comprehensive pro forma, enabling you to make well-informed investment decisions.

Market Overview

An in-depth overview of the commercial real estate industry

Contributing Factors

An examination of the factors influencing supply and demand in the commercial real estate market.

Finances & Pro Formas

A detailed breakdown of operating budgets, including a thorough analysis of pro forma assumptions on a line-by-line basis.

Rental Comps

Step-by-step guidance on conducting rental comparable studies to accurately determine market pricing.

Debt & Financing

Analyzing and evaluating different financing scenarios based on lender underwriting guidelines to support informed decision-making.

Cash flow model

Creating and utilizing a discounted cash flow model to effectively evaluate investment return metrics.
NOTE: This program is designed for people who are already active in the real estate market, either as investors or professionals. For those who are just getting started in real estate, we recommend you sign up for our Beginner Course which will be taking place in November.
This case study-based course will offer real-time market updates on rental and debt environments, enhancing practical understanding of commercial real estate analysis. 

Each session takes place on consecutive Thursday nights from 7-9pm and can be attended in person or on Zoom. Recordings, handouts, and our proprietary dynamic financial models are made available for all attendees of the program.
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