Wednesday 6.16.21

Factory 220, Passaic, NJ 

Say Goodbye to Lockdown...

Everyone is excited to finally get out of their social distancing routines and start seeing people again.

Where do meaningful business connections get started?

In person, that's where.

Come out and enjoy our first major in-person real estate event since COVID. 

At UNPause, attendees will have an amazing time, enjoy great food, drinks, meet new and old friends, and take part in a thrilling Deal Pit show.

The Venue

UNPause takes place in the cool Factory 220 event space in Passaic. Located in a former furniture factory, this space exudes the rustic industrial vibe that is both trendy and super functional.

Located an hour or less from most locations, the venue has a 500 space parking lot right in front so no need to hunt for a spot when you arrive.

Deal Pit

Enjoy the thrilling experience of a fully interactive Deal Pit event, which takes place exclusively at the start of this event.

Watch as sponsors seeking capital for their deals showcase their "offer" to a panel of experienced and savvy investors. 

Will the sponsors be able to win over the investors in their live presentation?

Plus...the audience gets to participate in the action with their live feedback using a state of the art app!

Food, Drinks, and Fun!

Of course, no event is complete without an amazing spread of really good food and drinks.

Attendees will enjoy a huge buffet smorgasbord, with carving stations, made-for-you pastas, and much more. (Come hungry)

Catch up with people you haven't seen in months over a sweet cocktail.

Wind down the night with a spread of tantalizing desserts and drinks.

Lounge with friends both new and old on the most comfortable cocktail cubes in the cool vibe of a former industrial warehouse.



Lower-level Entrance


Vendor Exhibits, Light Snacks & Drinks

Lobby Area, Lounge


Deal Pit Event

Main Ballroom A


Open Bar

Lobby Area, Lounge


Passing D'oeuvres, Buffet Stations, Dessert

Lobby Area, Lounge


Event Schedule




The Riverside Experience  |  718.215.5198
Penn Plaza Pavilion